worlds psoriasis day


The day of October, 29 that noticed as the world’s psoriasis day.

This day celebrated all over the world for the people fighting with psoriasis so bravely and On this day we aim to put light on the efforts of every patient and their medical advisers,

but It’s a disease in which our body hurts and affected by our skin cells.


The rapid growth of these skin cells attack and leave red and itchy rashes on parts of the body. On the World Psoriasis Day, observers of psoriasis try to spread information about the disease.

It’s been now more than a decade that the world celebrating October, 29 as World’s Psoriasis Day, and It’s said that initially various doctors and researchers ignored the symptoms of psoriasis and could not treat it properly but various clinical trials were performed by the greeks and then it was labeled as ‘psoriasis’.

Various experiments were performed with many chemicals before finalizing the cause and cure.

Many doctors and people were unaware of psoriasis and The members of  (IFPA) decided to spread awareness about it on World Psoriasis Day.


IFPA is a non-profit organization that acts as a voice for the patients of psoriasis.

They spread awareness about its spread, cure, and treatment, and Every year on World Psoriasis Day they launch different themes, campaigns, ideas, and ideas that can open the eyes of maximum people all over the world.

They have decided to send messages and the central idea to the people.

Their campaigns are both online and offline and they also hold the World Psoriatic conference ever 3rd year to spread awareness and quality information.


Every year the theme for World Psoriasis Day differs, the themes of the last 5 years are-

  • 2019: CONNECTED
  • 2018: Treat Psoriasis Seriously
  • 2017: Psoriasis Inside Out
  • 2016: Breaking Barriers
  • 2015: Hope. Action. Change

This theme of psoriasis was decided in earlier to 125 million worldwide patients.

The decisions and the theory of World Psoriasis Day are by IFPA with absolute guidance and advisories of World Health Organisations (WHO).


IFPA welcomes one and all to increase the spread of awareness and It allows information posting on every social media platform and employing every social media platform. According to them,” Our goal is for all patients to GAIN access to proper diagnosis and treatment, with improved life quality as a result”.


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