What is Guttate psoriasis?

What is Guttate psoriasis

What is Guttate Psoriasis?

It is a type of psoriasis which is visible on the skin as small red scaly patches. These patches are in tear-dropped shape. This type of psoriasis is not common enough among people. It is mostly shown on children or young adults, and it does not leave a scar on the body. It is genetic, therefore children are prone to this disease only if their ancestors have suffered from it earlier. Unlike plaque psoriasis, it is not widespread among the people.


 Guttate psoriasis is usually because of a bacterial outbreak, streptococcus. It initiates an immune reaction resulting in spots on the body. Streptococcus is a type of bacteria that causes strep throat or blood infections. Apart from streptococcus, several other factors may lead to guttate psoriasis. The factors are – bacterial or viral infections, which also include upper respiratory infections. Skin burns, cuts, and medicines used to treat malaria and heart diseases can also be a reason for guttate psoriasis.    

Auto-Immune Disease:

 Guttate psoriasis is also an auto-immune disease. It’s the body’s own cells that become so disobedient that they start harming it. An increase in their rate of growth is the prime reason for any type of psoriasis among the people. Patients of guttate psoriasis usually recover from the wounds with clear skin but still, it can range in 3 stages, ranging from mild to severe. These stages can be identified when measuring the body surface that guttate psoriasis has conquered. In mild guttate psoriasis, when a few spots are visible which is about 3% of the total body surface covered. In a moderate stage it increases to about 10% whereas, in the severe stage, it starts spreading to other body parts increasing its range from 10%. The wounds usually vary from 1mm to 10mm diameter.  If the spots shown easily, it does not spread further with proper medication and health expert’s advice.


Keen observation and follow the precautions are necessary. There are patients whose symptoms have worsened. To improvise the symptom and get rid of this type of psoriasis, a patient must remain calm and elated. Be it guttate psoriasis or its another type, the symptoms worsen with an increase in stress and anxiety levels. Though the disease is also a cause of stress, yet a patient should remain strong and fight with it boldly. Symptoms tend to worsen also when the temperature drops. In cold weather and when the air becomes dry, it affects the severity of the symptoms.

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