Vedas Cure Provides psoriasis medicine in the regular system of treatment for psoriasis that has many side effects and Adverse Drug Reaction. The treatment includes topical or oral steroids that are not safe for long term use since psoriasis is a chronic and dangerous skin disorder so we always suggest natural and herbal therapy.

Vedas Cure provides treatment for psoriasis and other skin disorders that helps cure psoriasis and also treats the root cause for psoriasis and other skin disorders such as frekles, mslasma and eczema. 

       The treatment by the Vedas Cure is as follows:

  • Vedas Psoriasis Cure
  • Kaishor Guggulu
  • Neem Vati
  • Wright Tinctoria Oil and 
  • Skincare tablets



  • This is the most unique herbal composition to treat Vedas cure psoriasis treatment and other skin disorders. It includes various herbs and minerals like Manjistha, Indra Jau, amba haldi, ashok chhal, genda phool, amla, lodha, guggal, and neem beej, etc.
  • It effectively reduces and controls itching, skin scaling, and lesions.
  • Reduces and controls the return of symptoms like itching, red patches, silvery scales on the skin.
  • Improves body immunity and reduces emotional stress.
  • Eliminates toxins from the body thus reclaim the body.



  • Azadirachta indica (neem) has anti-bacterial properties in it. 
  • Vedas cure offers treatment for psoriasis by incorporating Neem leaves or seeds in it that prove beneficial for the patients suffering from psoriasis. 
  • Vedas Cure provides Neem VATI to the patients suffering from Psoriasis.

  • It purifies the blood and enhances the immune system.



  • This is really very good and effective for the patients of Psoriasis.
  • It helps reduce heat in the affected area since the patients suffering from psoriasis have heat around the red patches. 
  • In psoriasis arthritis, it helps reduce the swelling around finger joints, toe joints, and knees joint, etc.



  • The extracts of makers tinctoria are used to treat psoriasis and several other skin disorders.
  • Master tinctoria oil also provides a soothing and the best effect when applied locally on the affected area and infected part of the skin and it is very good for the skin. 
  • It has anti-antibiotic properties that reduce the swelling locally and thus help to bring a soothing effect.



  • The skincare tablets are prescribed to the people suffering from psoriasis and many skin problems such as Pigmentation, Acne, and Melasma, etc. 
  • This provides the body with necessary enzymes anti-bodies to fight with the inflammation thus helps to enhance immunity and stamina.
  • Vitamins like A, D, E, and C are essential vitamins and necessary for skin nourishment and maintaining skin elasticity.
  • Tablets are rich in vitamins A, D, E, and C that’s help curb the disease.
  • They not only help to fight the disease but also boost up the immunity and amnesty.
  • They are to be used daily once for better results and you can also get in touch with our health consultant for best and perfect results.

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