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What are your treatment options for psoriasis? Find the complete details here!

The progress of medical science in different sectors over the past few decades is truly commendable and we wish that it continues to progress so that we can withstand the deadliest diseases. This progress has enabled medical science to tackle a single disease in more than a single way. For example, there are a lot of ways to deal with vision-related issues like cataracts, myopia, and hypermetropia. Similarly, skin problems like psoriasis have more than just one option for their treatment and all of them are as efficient as the other one. Usually, the treatment for psoriasis begins at home because we resort to a different kinds of home remedies for psoriasis treatment. But many dermatologists advise against the psoriasis home treatment because of the risks associated with it. To help you with the decision of treating it at home or consulting a doctor, we have collected some important information about the treatment of psoriasis and how effective they are.

Topical Psoriasis Treatment

The first and foremost treatment that doctors recommend to people who have early and mild psoriasis or have begun to show the symptoms of psoriasis is called Topical Treatment. Topical treatment involves the use of ointments, gels and creams by applying them directly on the affected areas. These ointments used in this type of treatment are as follows :

  • Steroid CreamsThe purpose of steroid Creams is to make sure that the immune cells are slowed down and hence they can provide great relief in swelling and redness. The mild variants of these creams are available on medical stores for anyone, but the strong variants require doctor’s prescription.
  • Salicylic Acid Creams/PowdersSalicylic Acid creams and powders are used to softens the psoriasis affected skin. However, the risk associated with it is that if you leave it on for too long, then salicylic acid might enter your body through your skin. It is available at all medical stores in the form of creams and powders.
  • Coal Tar Ointment and ShampooThese two are used in coordination to get your skin relief from itchiness, inflammation and scales. The side effects associated with these is that they leave your skin dry and red.
  • ImmunosuppressantAn immunosuppressant changes the way how your immune cells work. They are far away from being a steroid but they are found to be effective in treating psoriasis.

Phototherapy Treatment

Made by using two words, “photo” meaning light and “therapy” meaning treatment. In this type of psoriasis treatment, doctors use different kinds of machines to either mimic or enhance the effect of sunlight to treat your psoriasis problem. The treatment is available in the following forms:

  1. Narrowband UV Therapy This treatment which asks the people to either stand in an illumination room or let a source of light pass through them is safe for all kinds of patients, including pregnant women. It is highly effective against psoriasis as it involves a targeted form of UV light, therefore the name narrowband.
  • Broadband UV Therapy The broadband UV therapy is not as prevalent as its above-mentioned counterpart as it uses a wide band of ultraviolet light on the patients, that however, does not undermines its effectiveness.
  • PUVAThis treatment is a combination of two things — the psoralen drug and the ultraviolet A light. Eating psoralen increases the photosensitivity of your skin and therefore when it is illuminated with UVA, maximum benefits of this therapy are gained. It is not as prevalent as Narrowband UV therapy as well.

The Systemic Treatments

A majority of systemic treatments focus on the following three methods which are :

  1.  Using ImmunosuppressantsThe usage of immunosuppressants makes your immune system slow and it is only recommended for patients with a strong case of psoriasis.
  • Enzyme Inhibitors A drug called apremilast is used to ease the inflammation caused due to psoriasis on your skin.
  • Oral RetinoidsA synthetic form of vitamin A which makes your skin cells grow is consumed via mouth to help against your psoriasis problem.

You are now aware of the types of treatment that have proven to be highly effective against Psoriasis. However the last one in the list, that is, the natural treatment of psoriasis is the safest and best option for you and you know why is that so! If you are convinced about the efficacy of natural psoriasis treatment, then Vedas Cure’s Psoriasis Care would be the first step of your treatment. It is a product made with great care and expertise to help you with psoriasis. To know more, give us a call and we will provide you a free consultation session wherein you can clear all your doubts regarding natural treatment of various diseases.



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