An autoimmune disease,

scalp psoriasis is usually blamed for hair loss too. Psoriasis and hair loss are do connected but it isn’t the sole bearer of hair loss. Patients usually report about excessive hair loss during their treatment. Scalp psoriasis is usually identified as small silvery and scaly patches on the scalp. It usually appears like dandruff on the scalp which is the main reason why it is not diagnosed at early stages. These scaly patches cause itching and irritation on the scalp.  The irritation leads to scratching. This scratching is the main reason for hair loss and weak scalp.

Around 7.4 million people are affected with psoriasis every year. Almost every patient suffers from hair loss. However, hair loss is temporary. The hair regrows after the symptoms start improving and the treatment begins. and go hand in hand yet the blame does not rest upon psoriasis. It causes hair loss but not permanent.

Hair loss is because of scratching the scalp. The scaly patches cause itching and then patients start scratching their scalps. Continuous and frequent scratching makes the hair root weak and the hair fall becomes frequent. Sometimes, the treatments also include forceful removal of scaly patches from the scalp. This forceful removal also makes the roots weak and hair fall and intense.

Hair loss and psoriasis

        go together, but it can be separated with some precautions and products. Some people often understand psoriasis as the prime reason for psoriasis and hair loss duo but hair loss can be minimized by below simple steps-

  • In almost every type of psoriasis, keeping the area moist and wet prevents itching. In the case of scalp psoriasis, the scalp should be conditioned to keep it moist and healthy
  • It is also advised to limit the use of chemical hair products. Especially, the products that contain menthol should be avoided at any cost
  • Hairstyling, drying, straightening, and curling is done with types of equipment emitting hot air. The use of these hair tools should also limit to prevent hair loss.
  • It is agreed that the affected scalp area is too itchy and demands scratching. To avoid it, a wet towel or ice pack should be gently pressed on the scalp. This is very relieving and also limits itchiness.
  • Aloe vera gel or its products are also effective for treating the itchy scalp. Its anti-oxidants keep the area hydrated and is soothing for the skin.

Yet, hair loss is temporary. People are fortunate enough to regrow their hair without much effort. A myth related to psoriasis that most people believe is of permanent hair loss, yet it isn’t true.

Psoriasis and hair loss

does happen simultaneously but they ain’t permanent. Correct precautions and proper medications can reduce hair fall and also treat psoriasis.

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