Psoriasis and alcohol

Do cigarettes and alcohol cause psoriasis? Get the right information here.

Skin problems owe their inception to many reasons and a majority of those reasons are visibly direct. By that, we mean those reasons could be figured out quite easily. For example, using different kinds of soaps, lotions or skin creams may cause skin problems. However, there are some factors that cannot be determined easily. While a lot of debates have been conducted on the effect of cigarettes and alcohol on your skin, only a few of them came up with a definitive conclusion. Based on those definitive debates and the facts extracted from them, we have prepared a list that will help you know if psoriasis and alcohol are related and does alcohol increase psoriasis?

What is the relationship between alcohol and psoriasis?

The relationship between alcohol and psoriasis lies in the fact that many people who were diagnosed with psoriasis had developed a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which means their liver was affected despite not consuming any kind of alcoholic beverage. This means that if they consumed alcohol from that point onwards, it would have caused their liver’s health to deteriorate further and they would have been in grave danger. Alcohol is infamous for the adverse effects it has on human bodies and it is also criticized for worsening different kinds of diseases which a person is already suffering from. Apart from that, psoriasis and alcohol share a relationship in the fact that alcohol causes a lot of outbreaks or triggers psoriasis which can cause stress and depression in an individual. Hence, it is advised to keep a distance from alcohol when you are suffering from psoriasis.

What major effects does alcohol have on psoriasis?

What you read above was just a mere glimpse into the vast ocean of troubles that consumption of alcohol is responsible for creating. Alcohol has adverse effect when it is consumed while suffering from certain diseases, but let us take a look at the havoc it can wreak upon those suffering from psoriasis by –

  1.  Reaction with treatment drugs – when you consume alcohol, you are allowing the harmful compound present in it to interact with the compounds present in the medications you have taken. The interaction between these two chemically different compound will cause a chemical reaction which can turn the effect of treatment in a different direction. Therefore, it is advised to not consume alcohol on treatment.
  2.  Increment in the risk of liver damage – alcohol has proven to be bad for liver and consuming it on psoriasis medication is only going to make things worse for you.
  3. Severs psoriasis – psoriasis comes with a lot of symptoms which can get severe when alcohol is consumed.
  4. Can cause psoriasis flares – the triggers caused by alcohol are quite harmful in psoriasis, therefore, it is recommended to not drink alcohol during psoriasis treatment.

Does smoking affect psoriasis?

Yes, it does affect psoriasis big time and not in a positive manner. Smoking is one of the most dangerous things you can do to your bodies because it is responsible for cancer of different types and it is also responsible for tampering your skin to an extent that it will be impossible to recover. But how exactly does smoking affect psoriasis? Well, a lot of researches have ended with a conclusion that smoking is, in fact, an independent factor which causes psoriasis in individuals. Which means, people who smoke a pack a day are at a greater risk of getting psoriasis. Therefore, do not indulge in smoking if you want to live longer.

The combined effect of smoking and alcohol

From the above theories, you are well aware of how deadly alcohol consumption and smoking are independently, as well as for psoriasis. If you think it will be okay to smoke and drink while you are on medication, then you are highly mistaken. You must avoid smoking and drinking because together, these two will take your life away sooner than you’d expect. Also, psoriasis and alcohol consumption will cause complications which are unfathomable for even the best of the doctors, therefore, ignore smoking and drinking if you want to live happily.

If you still have any confusion about the relationship between psoriasis and alcohol, then you can definitely do your part of the research. All of them would lead you to only one conclusion that psoriasis and alcohol are in fact related to each other and consumption of alcohol does have a bad effect on your skin. If you are having troubles with your skin and wish to go for a natural treatment, then Vedas Cure is the right option for you. We have made a name for ourselves by treating the worst of the skin problem cases with our Psoriasis Care Kit which is the most popular and reliable natural product for psoriasis. Just one call from you and we will respond promptly.



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