psoriasis allergy


Psoriasis is a dermatological condition that aggravates when the allergen comes in contact with the skin. The human body has a defense mechanism that demolishes the foreign invaders by channelizing the phagocytic cells. 

Lymphocytes activate the CD4+, CD8+, and T helper cells that recognize the foreign invaders and kills them thereby preventing the harm that the foreign invaders were supposed to cause in the body.

Alteration in the body’s defensive mechanism or failure to recognize the foreign invader causes immune disorders.

In psoriasis, the individual own cells are abruptly mistaken for foreign invaders and thereby the defensive mechanism is initiated to kill these foreign invaders that are actually the body’s own cells.

Psoriasis disease has phases like flare-ups and subsides. It depends on the exposure to the allergen. Maintaining the disease by using the Vedas Cure psoriasis product and avoiding the allergen from coming to direct contact with the body helps to subside the disease condition. (psoriasis allergy)

There are various allergens that cause a flare-up of psoriasis. The following agents are supposed to be the etiological factors for causing psoriasis.

  • Detergent: the chemical and the surfactants present in the detergents help to remove the arrogant stains from clothes, but these chemical agents are very irritative on the skin. While washing clothes they come in direct contact and act as an allergen to the skin.
  • Soaps and hand washes: they contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) that is allergic to a few people. Continuous washing hands dries up the skin and becomes cracky. They should be avoided to prevent allergy or start using mild soaps or handwashes.
  • Dust allergy: pollens, dust mites are proved to be allergens to many people. Dust emerges while cleaning or dusting houses. Dust pollution outdoors is also one of the emerging risk factors to aggravates psoriatic episodes. Wearing gloves while performing household chores and covering the exposed skin areas while going out during a sand storm or in dust polluted areas benefit the people.
  • Citrus fruits: citric acid present in citrus fruits like orange, lime fruit or lemon is allergic to the skin tissue of some people.
  • Tomatoes and tamarind: the sour food items are allergic to the skin. While cooking cutting tomatoes irritates and itches the skin. The sour tamarind is allergic to people suffering from psoriasis. Vedas cure suggests avoiding these sour food to prevent psoriasis flare-ups.
  • Alcohol and smoking: not only just psoriasis, alcohol, and cigarettes can never lie in good books when it comes to keeping the body healthy. They should be cut off from the use to avoid psoriasis flare-ups.


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