Precautions of psoriasis

  • Use moisturizing lotion: keep your skin hydrated and moisturized to prevent psoriasis. Dry skin is prone to develop psoriasis. Keep the skin moisturized with creams or body lotions. You can also use thick and oily petroleum jelly. 
  • Avoid dry / cold weathers: extreme weathers are not suitable for our skin. It is said that cold, dark and low humidity conditions can cause skin to become inflamed and thicken.
  • Get sunshine but not too much: the UV rays in sunlight slow the growth of skin cells, so getting moderate doses of sun is good. Make it brief upto 20 mins. Use sunscreen regularly. Sun burn can trigger psoriasis and it raises the chances of skin disorders.


    • Zap stress: it proven that many people link flare-ups to stress. So try to relieve your anxiety. Try relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation for starters.
    • Have a check on your alcohol consumption levels: the connection is not directly linked but it said to worsen the symptoms of psoriasis in men.
    • Take care of your skin and scalp: moisturize your skin and scalp regularly. Take bath regularly with soothing products to maintain smooth scalp if you are experiencing scalp psoriasis. Take bath with mild shampoos or tar solutions. Chose medicated shampoo for scalp psoriasis.
    • Avoid medications that cause flare-ups: there are few drugs known to worsen the condition of psoriasis. Those drugs are: 
    • Lithium: it is used to treat psychiatric disorders.
    • Propanolol: it is used in hypertension or other cardiac problems.
    • Quinidine: it used to control heart arrhythmias but known to affect psoriasis.
    • Use a humidifier: it is necessary to use humidifier, when the air inside your house seems to be dry, turn on the humidifier.
    • Lifestyle: improve the standards to living. Exercise regularly, like yoga or meditation. Lead a active life rather than a sedentary lifestyle.
    • Diet management: make your diet as a balanced diet. It should involve all the fruits and vegetables. Avoid fats and have gluten free diet. It helps the patients who are allergic to gluten. Also avoid foods to which you are allergic. It helps to maintain the symptoms of psoriasis. For obese people, the diet should be calorie free. Include salmon in your diet, it reduces the inflammation.
    • Avoid piercings and tattos on your body.
    • Take care while cutting nails or shaving.
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