Phototherapy for psoriasis

Is phototherapy the right treatment for psoriasis? Find out here!

Skin-related problems have become a common issue for a lot of individuals across the globe. The worst thing about these skin problems is their persistence to stay on the affected part even after the treatment has been done. They stay in the form of rashes or marks reminding of the troublesome experience we have had with them. What is the solution to this? What could be the best way to deal with these skin problems permanently and get done with them for good. Well, there are a lot of options available for the treatment of skin problems like psoriasis which have successfully eliminated all types of their aftereffects. Phototherapy for psoriasis is one such effective option and we will help you know if it is the right treatment for psoriasis or not!

What is the first course of treatment?

The first course of treatment which would be advised by any medical expert on the topic of psoriasis would be to get a topical treatment. The topical treatment involves the use of ointments, gels, and creams which can be applied to the affected area directly for instant relief. The application of these gels and creams has proven effective in getting rid of the scales which form during psoriasis. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to get rid of psoriasis. A lot of doctors would ask you to go for this type of treatment because of the following reasons –

It is affordable and does not feel too heavy on your pockets.

It is effective and has a successful history of treating patients with psoriasis.

It does not have a lot of side effects. This means that it can be used effectively for your psoriasis. Also, we also recommend using the natural variant of this method wherein you use natural supplements to apply to the affected areas.

What is phototherapy for psoriasis?

Phototherapy has proven to be an effective method to treat psoriasis in a lot of individuals who were unable to gain results from the above-mentioned treatment. Therefore, it is a boon that cures people’s most severe psoriasis. It is of different types and we will be discussing each of them in detail over here so that you have a basic idea about what phototherapy for psoriasis is and how much does the phototherapy for psoriasis costs? Everything will be discussed in detail, so keep reading further.

Types of Phototherapy

There are majorly seven types of phototherapies for psoriasis which are as follows:

  1. Narrowband UVB Therapy
  2. Broadband UVB Therapy
  3. Targeted UVB Therapy
  4. PUVA Therapy
  5. Sunshine Therapy
  6. Tanning Beds
  7. Climatotherapy

Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

  1. Narrowband UVB Therapy

The narrowband ultra violet therapy is the most commonly used phototherapy for the treatment of psoriasis in individuals. What happens in Narrowband ultraviolet therapy is that the patient is asked to be in a illumination room where his body is illuminated with a light source. The ultraviolet light used here is not that harmful and only works against the psoriasis affected regions.

  • Broadband UVB Therapy

This therapy is less prevalent than the previous one owing to the fact that it is less effective than the Narrowband UVB therapy. Also, it has a lot more side effects than Narrow Band UVB therapy.

  • Targeted UVB Therapy

Here, we use a light source which has targeted light source of ultraviolet light which is used over small portions of our skin affected by phototherapy.

  • PUVA Therapy

PUVA stands for psoralen plus ultraviolet A. The psoralen drug is used to increase the photosensitivity of your skin and then ultraviolet light is used to eliminate psoriasis.

  • Sunshine Therapy

Exposing the body parts which were affected by psoriasis. However, long exposure to sunlight might worsen the condition.

  • Tanning Beds

 They are the least advised phototherapy tools by doctors because of the risks associated with them.

  • Climatotherapy

You must have heard a lot of doctors that you need to relocate to get better air and water. Well, that is what Climatotherapy is. Sometimes, it is advised to change your location either temporarily or permanently to make sure that your psoriasis goes away.

All of these treatments work well for psoriasis when taken under proper supervision. By now you are well aware of how effective treatment phototherapy for psoriasis is. But there are some other ways by which you can get rid of those persistent marks that psoriasis left on you. After you have undergone a psoriasis treatment, you can try the Psoriasis Care from Vedas Cure to remove those marks naturally. It is developed by using natural ingredients and is found to be highly effective against psoriasis. To know more about other natural products we have, call us up! We will be happy to be of assistance.



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