Psoriasis is a chronic dermatological condition that affects both male and female. To burst the myth, psoriasis affects both males and females. It may be seen in young generation as well as elderly population.

The answer to the question “is psoriasis curable?” cannot be given in YES or NO.

Let’s get the answer to this question, based on the facts.

  • Psoriasis is a chronic disorder, thus is do not get treated in a short period of time like the cold and fever.
  • Psoriasis is condition that may have an underlying factor. Once the underlying factor gets treated completely, there are chances that the skin condition might improve.
  • People may also have allergic psoriasis. If they get in contact with the allergen, the symptoms get worse. The only way is to avoid the direct exposure of the allergen. 
  • Firstly getting it correctly diagnosed and adhering to the treatment helps to manage the disease. Avoiding the allergen to come into direct contact is the only principle to follow in case of allergic reactions.
  • Following the proper treatment regimen helps to subside the symptoms completely. Though you should continue to take the maintenance dose of the therapy to avoid relapse.
  • Abruptly stopping the treatment causes withdrawal symptoms and makes the symptoms worse.
  • Abiding by the treatment regimen helps to increase the time between the relapse of the disease.
  • The other more harmful symptom that accompanies psoriatic episodes is stress and anxiety. People with psoriasis have hidden stress and anxiety by sudden appearance of the red, swollen, eruptive patches on the skin that too on the exposed areas of the body. Psoriatic patients become cautious with their public appearances and social gathering. They try to cover it with their clothes, scarfs, caps, makeup, etc.

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