Hand psoriasis

psoriasis on hands

Hand psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that is caused due to the increase in the rate of growth of skin cells. Though psoriasis on any body part is risky and painful, yet it is more difficult to handle. People suffering from hand psoriasis usually suffer a lot and complaint more cracks and bleeding. They always search and is ready to opt for any treatment to get rid of hands psoriasis.

Hands and Eyes Searching

People suffering from hand psoriasis are always seen with a lotion in their hands and eyes searching for a better product. Hand psoriasis is also common among people but it is more difficult to cure. This is because hands are the part of the body that are constantly in working position. Even a slight movement leads to complications in symptoms and hands are continuously moved. Their movement leads to regressive cracks and bleeding.

It is caused due to white blood cells and T cells. The trigger in T cells, especially in hands to hand psoriasis. The more the T cells increases, the life span of cells in hand decreases. Their rapid growth becomes a cause of concern for the life of hand cells. Their growth is increased rapidly because the hands are continuously moved which delays the cure.

It hinders daily activities like washing utensils, clothes, etc because they are prone to cracks and bleeding. The hands should be cleaned at regular intervals with medicated soap to prevent the spread of infection. They should be kept moist by using prescribed moisturizers, lactic acid, aloe vera gel, or solution. Anti-inflammatory and vitamins A and D ointments are also very healthy and nourishing for the hands. The ointments store necessary vitamins and antibiotics to fight with the disease.

Self precautions

Apart from allopathic and doctor’s prescribed vitamins for hand psoriasis, self precautions are also necessary. The patient should make sure to clean their hands regularly. Till the time symptoms begin to improve, scrubbing and bumping of hands should be avoided. If the tasks are needful then after finishing them, hands should be immediately washed and moisturized. Moisturizing hands, again and again, prevent them from bleeding through cracks. You should washed your hands with warm water. They should also receive ample sunlight because it is rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D acts as a boon for curing hand psoriasis.

We already know that hand psoriasis or psoriasis at any body part is a chronic condition, which also does not have a permanent cure. Therefore necessary precautions and home remedies are better and effective.

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