Foods that trigger Psoriasis

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Psoriasis has been considered one of the most common skin problems. It has affected a lot of individuals globally with some cases getting as worst as they can get. A lot of research has been carried out on this infamous skin problem and many of them cited the role of the food we eat in the development of psoriasis. Dermatologists have named several foods that trigger psoriasis and how we should avoid eating them, especially if our skin is highly sensitive. Apart from the foods, there are several other things that act like a psoriasis trigger. Being unaware of what these things are might lead you to develop psoriasis, therefore, you must read the factors and the set of instructions listed below to help you prevent psoriasis.

A Skin Injury

It is absolutely normal to get a skin injury while playing, cooking, working, or driving. However, if that skin injury is not dealt with immediately, it can become the cause of a severe disease that will be too unpleasant to face. For example, a skin injury from a rusted piece of iron will cause a grave infection on the affected part which can be dealt with by getting a tetanus injection just after getting hurt. However, there are other types of skin injuries that you can get by falling down and rubbing a specific part against something rough which can leave marks on that part. Those marks, when untreated, can eventually develop into psoriasis problem which is in a different league altogether. Therefore, it is advised to not ignore even the smallest skin injury. Even if it is just a normal rash, you must get yourself the required treatment. After all, they do not say prevention is better than cure for nothing.

Alcohol Consumption and Smoking

The two devils which are sworn enemies of a person’s health are named Alcohol and Smoking. While there is a lot of research that blame alcohol for its adverse impact on our bodies, whether psychological or physical, its role in the development and worsening of psoriasis is quite prominent as well. Smoking is also considered a threat to our entire structure. God help those who do these two things together and then blame other things for their skin problems. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be done in a limited amount and it will be even better to steer clear of these two agents of chaos.

Stress and Hormonal Changes

Our body works in a mysterious way and even after the humungous attempts of doctors and scientists to understand its working, we are unable to know what exactly happens and why does it happen to us. Stress-induced psoriasis is a matter of interest for many doctors because the relationship between these two is considered more of a psychological one than a physical one. Stress causes our minds to release some special kinds of hormones which act like a psoriasis trigger.

Hormonal changes may also cause psoriasis which is because of the ability of our bodies to release different kinds of fluids during the hormonal changes. This hormonal imbalance or change is considered to be causing psoriasis among people who are either going through puberty or women when they are going through pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance-induced psoriasis can be dealt with by proper medication and treatment. Whereas, stress-induced psoriasis can also find its treatment in a topical way. Anti-stress medicines can be taken to avoid the development of this skin problem.

Foods that trigger psoriasis

A majority of doctors have expressed their thoughts on the role played by the food we eat on our psoriasis. It is even believed that the nuts we eat may also act like a psoriasis triggering agent. For example, eating a lot of almonds trigger psoriasis. But that is not just it, there are a lot of foods that trigger psoriasis. Psoriasis can be caused due to the consumption of the following types of food – processed meat, prepackaged foods and anything that contains a high amount of sugar and salt is considered to be harmful when it comes to psoriasis. Therefore, these types of foods must be avoided to prevent psoriasis.

Knowledge about these factors and the set of instructions with them will act like a guide for you to avoid psoriasis and help you fight the early symptoms of it. Psoriasis is not an incurable skin condition and it can go away if you seek the right treatment. We highly recommend you to prefer a natural treatment as it has a lot of benefits and no side effects. Luckily for you, Vedas Cure’s Psoriasis Care will be the right kit for your psoriasis problem. To know more about the product and how we help you get rid of your skin problems, feel free to call us. We will be happy to help.



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