Flexural Psoriasis


Flexural Psoriasis is a dermatological disorder that’s shown dry, eruptive, silvery, flaky, and eruptive skin patches. It’s related to redness and pain also at times. The plaques are generally make itching. 

Psoriasis can occur on any part of the body like arms, feet, legs, fingers, toes, elbows, etc. 

According to the place of occurrence, psoriasis is classified into various types. 

It is classified based on the location of red patches. It happens in the areas that come in contact with the skin or get rubbed against the skin. The body regions with flexural joints tend to cause psoriasis called flexural psoriasis. 


  • The major etiological factor for flexural psoriasis auto-immunity. The cells cracked in our bodies.
  • Friction: two objects when comes in contact with each other cause friction. The skin when gets rubbed with each other causes cells to destroy off makes it dry and irritative.


  • It produced by the sweat glands present on the skin surface. During exertional activities like running, exercise, daily chores, etc produce sweat in more quantity. The excessive sweat makes the skin moist. Sweat, when produced should be cleaned off by washing or bathing. Otherwise, it causes disorders like flexural psoriasis.


  • Armpits: sweat accumulates in the armpit and the skin of the upper hand and chest skin rubs against each other. This region is at a higher risk of developing flexural psoriasis.
  • Groin region: the end portion of the abdomen and the proximal part of the thigh comes in direct contact and friction created by rubbing against each other. The groin mostly affected by psoriasis
  • Under breast: when women wear a bra all the time even during their daily work, sweat and heat are produced. The lower region affected as it comes in direct contact.
  • It also affects the genitals like the penis, vulva, natal cleft, etc.


  • Modern medicine provides treatment for psoriasis that includes local steroids cream and oral steroids. Since psoriasis is a chronic disease that requires long term medication use. These medications give rise to adverse reactions in long term use.
  • VEDAS CURE formulated a product named VEDAS PSORIASIS CURE for the treatment of flexural psoriasis. 
  • It has incorporated various natural herbs for the management of psoriasis. 
  • Vedas psoriasis cure helps to treat the symptoms of psoriasis and also reduces the remission time.

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