Diet plan for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non-communicable and non-transmissible skin disease. It is a condition where an individual develops red patches and white scales. It is painful and may take some time to heal. The patches hurt even more if they are exposed to irritants and bumps into a hard surface.

However, consultation of doctors is the foremost priority as soon as one is diagnosed with the disease. It still cannot be cured fully with proper medications and ointments. It takes time which can prolong from days to months to years.

A healthy diet plan along with prescribed medication is usually advantageous to the patients. Intake of good nutritional food provides the body the necessary antioxidants and cleansers for the cure and helps in reducing the pain. Food products that fight inflammation are the key aspects of a good and wholesome diet plan for psoriasis. Lots of veggies, fruits, and protein is always a good idea for healthy being and clear skin but patients of psoriasis remain a bit alert about their eating habits because their choice of food and drinks can make a difference to their skin.

Following points would help to have a concrete diet plan, lets have a look;

Boycotting sugar

being an inflammatory disease, intake of more sugar can add more complications and simultaneously fetched a lot of challenges for the patients. It is advised to avoid sugary items or their intake should be minimal. Sugar worsens the inflammatory diseases because it braces the making of free fatty acids in the body. The body digests these fatty acids which likewise trigger the growth of inflammatory diseases in the body.

 Reducing weight-

being overweight or extra fat in the body also results in increased pain and itching on the affected areas. Sweat can contribute to worsening the affected areas.  therefore one should try to shell out a few pounds of weight for speedy revival and recovery of the disease.

Intake of plenty of water-

drinking a lot of water is always an added advantage, yet for the patients of psoriasis, it is a boon. Intake of water keeps the body hydrated. The hydrated body soothes the skin and helps the infected areas breathe and boost the healing process.

Food items for breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The patients should include green tea, boiled vegetables, fruits (chickoo), milk, vegetable omelet, carrot, poha, fruit juice, sprouts, cheela made from moong daal, etc. These food items can be adjusted as the breakfast for the week.


Items like brown rice, bajra chappatis( wheat products should be avoided), watermelon( because it is rich water content), cucumber and beetroot salad, moong daal, rice, antioxidant drinks, spinach, cottage cheese, coconut chutney along with a less sugary South Indian dish, etc.

Food items for dinner

The dinner should always remain light to maintain the body’s digestive system and a healthy lifestyle. Keeping it light for the patients is mandatory. The items that can be included are- broccoli, peas, paneer, light dishes including oregano, thyme, etc. they are also good to go safe choice. items like boiled corns, mushrooms, sprouts, a fresh glass of fruit or vegetable juice ( from the vegetables and fruits prescribed) are also beneficial

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