causes of psoriasis

It is important to know the exact causes of psoriasis to commence the treatment well. People used to neglect skin disorders by thinking that it would be cured on its own or by doing some home tricks they might get resolved in some days. But multiple skin disorders are chronic and must be treated the right way. Psoriasis is a similar one. It is not easy to tackle with psoriasis but with the goodness of powerful Ayurvedic herbs and zero side effects this chronic skin condition can be treated well.

What are the possible causes of psoriasis?

Changes in the hormone level

Whenever the hormones change psoriasis flares up. It can also be triggered by menopause and during pregnancy.

Genes and the immune system are two important causes of psoriasis

As we all know that our genes control the color of our eyes, hair and the immune system helps to prevent the body from viral and foreign infections. Moreover, genes and the immune system play a major role to cause psoriasis.

Beverages and alcohol

People who are heavy drinkers are under a higher risk of getting psoriasis, especially younger men. Moreover, alcohol and other beverages can make the treatment less effective too.

Smoking can be among major causes of psoriasis

If you are a smoker you have double chances to develop psoriasis. If you have any family members with this, you are more prone to develop this problem. Moreover, in the case of smoking the person has a close link to develop pustular psoriasis. Pustular psoriasis mainly affects the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.


If you take a lot of stress then psoriasis can easily enter your life.


If you are taking any particular medicine for a long time that shows lots of side-effects, then psoriasis is quite common and can easily affect the person.

HIV Infection

If you are in the beginning stages of HIV infection then Psoriasis is going to be in the worst condition. However, the problem gets better after the commencement of certain treatments.

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