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Treating psoriasis is a difficult task because it involves huge cost, patience, and will. Opting heavy medications, ointments and treatments consequently involves huge cost. Not does the cost but the treatments are followed by side effects, for instance, the light treatment is one of the most popular solutions but not fully  successful for psoriasis, more often treatments can later make the patients prone to skin cancer along with an effect on internal organs because of the heavy medications.

The best effective, painless, and affordable treatments can be brought from Vedas Cure, Vedas is a set-up whose sole motive is to cure the patients from the pain and agony through its wide range of Ayurvedic products. The ingredients of the products are the best ancient products, fetched from the arms of nature which ensures no side effects and speedy recovery. The products are well tested and quality ensured. Let’s have a detailed view of the products.


This product is in the form of a powder made up of many herbal products that ensure the revival of patients from psoriasis and other skin disorders. It contains elements like, amba haldi, harda, neem beej, giloy, kala megh, google, gandhak rasayan, etc. These elements are proven and successful in reviving the skin and also prevent the infection to conquer once again. The powder gives relief from itchiness and scaly skin. Besides this it also boosts up the body immunity and gives peace of mind reducing the stress level.



It is the best solution or improving the blood vessels. Not just the blood vessels but it is equally beneficial for wounds, redness, acne, muscular cramps, and gouty arthritis. It also makes the body resistant to blood-related diseases and maintain the body’s uric acid level. Additionally, it also detoxifies the liver, and protects the body from diabetes along with strong hold over blood purification and other skin disorders.


Neem leaves are the natural antibiotics for every skin disorder. Working on the same principle, Vedas presents, neem vati. It provides relief from the itchy, dried skin by the natural antibodies present in it. It contributes a lot to the revival of the skin and reducing the growth rate of skin cells.


This product is made from a tinctoria tree which is usually found in deciduous forests. Earlier the plant was used for treating jaundice but now the experts have proven its worth for handling skin diseases too. Its leaves are soaked in the coconut oil and the paste obtained is excellent for the psoriasis patients. Not only this it also smoothens and revives the skin. 


The skincare tablets are also equally important. They provide the body with necessary enzymes and antibodies to fight with the inflammation. Tablets rich in vitamins A, D, E, and C help curb the disease. Not only does they fight with inflammation but also boosts up the immune system.

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