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Ayurveda specialist with expertise in Psoriasis Treatment. Associated to Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota. Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota gives Psoriasis and almost all major and small skin diseases treatment through spacial ayurveda treatment. This skin clinic have high rates of satisfied psoriasis patients and successful treatment plan for such kind of major skin diseases. ( psoriasis treatments)

TREAT SKIN PSORIASIS WITH Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota PRACTITIONERS

Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota is an exclusive Skin Treatment center ,this is a first Ayurveda skin center in Rajasthan state ,Based on Ayurvedic Systems , psoriasis treatments, provide skin treatments for psoriasis lichen planus , vitiligo , eczema , uticaria face skin issues, skin irritation, sunburn,allergy, operation marks, wound care, old wounds, diabetic ulcers, diabetic non healing wounds, leukoderma (vitiligo), psoriasis, scabies and itching.

This leading Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota known throughout of India as a PSORIASIS TREATMENT center. Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota's moto to give result oriented treatment for patients.

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How Does Psoriasis Treatment


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No matter where you are or how busy your life gets, you can talk to our many friendly and knowledgeable Ayurveda experts online at a time that works with your schedule.


Care Coordination.

Members speak to a Care Coordinator who will triage and update the patient�s Electronic Health Record ( EHR ) along with all symptoms you can also schedule your appointment for a time that works for you.


Make a Visit

Connect with our Ayurvedic experts for psoriasis treatment on Phone or Online. They will go through your symptoms and make a therapy recommendation. If a customized treatment is required, they will plan one based on your condition.


Ayurvedic Treatment Plan

The healthcare provider formulates a treatment plan based on the diagnosis, considering factors such as the patient's overall health, medical history, severity of the condition, and available treatment options. The eczema treatment plan may involve therapy, lifestyle modifications,diet changes, or a combination of these.


Dietary Recommendations

Ayurveda places great emphasis on food as medicine. The practitioner suggests dietary changes based on the patient's dosha imbalance. The psoriasis treatment in Ayurveda may involve including or excluding certain foods, herbs, spices, and beverages to restore balance and promote healing. further, we treat all types of psoriasis including dyshidrosis treatments, dermatitis treatment, scalp psoriasis, and even psoriatic arthritis treatments


Lifestyle Modifications

Ayurveda recognizes the impact of lifestyle on individual health. Our doctors advise the patients on lifestyle modifications as a part of psoriasis treatment in Ayurveda, such as sleep patterns, exercise routines, stress management techniques, and diet routines, to support overall well-being.


Follow-up and Monitoring

The practitioner regularly monitors the patient's progress and makes adjustments to the treatment plan as needed. Follow-up consultations help assess the effectiveness of the treatment and make any necessary modifications.

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*Based on clinical studies performed by Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota.*

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  • The Psoriasis treatment in Kota method of Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota skin and research institute is NOT just to clear the scales from the superficial skin. for which any one can use any local application regularly and keep their skin clear for few days.

    Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota skin care and research institute kota have objective is to cleans and insulate the system of our body to get rid of disease by cleansing of impurities from the blood circulation, the other advantage of this treatment is that it also prevents to grow other blood impurity related disease complications like psoriatic arthritis, debility and other autoimmune disease.

    As the cause of the disease can vary in different patients so no single application can solve the problem. Different types of psoriasis have different symptoms. we can’t treat them in a single treatment method. Our line of treatment is a complete treatment method covering all aspect meticulously of this disease. Our treatment method has been developed after a long year of experience. Ayurveda has mentioned that many which can produce poison in intestine like opposite food combination which creates poison in our body. To conclude psoriasis is the flushing out poison through skin, which are secreted in our body. To get permanent cure one need to get cleansed and purified internally. Psoriasis treatment in Kota

    Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota confidentially treats psoriasis through very special ayurveda ( very important purification process to the body) treatments thus toxins could be removed from the body(Treating psoriasis). Special Ayurveda orally medications in the form of herbal concoctions and medicated ghee have to be consumed to the patient! Clinical triled Ayurveda medicine are the part of treatment.And you get the Psoriasis treatment in Kota.

    When the patient go through with our treatment,patient?s body start managing imbalanced doshas and in result they get balanced, the scales and patches of psoriasis starts removing and getting normal as skin . The recurrence process of the disease has been broken by Repeat purification treatments.

    The treatment is completely ayurveda( free from steroids or other chemicals). These methods have not produced any known side effects till date. During the entire treatment period certain diet restrictions and managed life style to be followed.

  • Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Care and Research Institute Kota Skin Care Center offers completely herbal solutions by facilitating safe and authentic therapies and required medicines. Ayurvedic treatments for skin are truly effective and help to revitalise the body.

  • Ayurvedic treatments incorporate physical exercises, Yoga, Sattvic diet, and specific lifestyle changes. These factors work in a positive manner on the overall body functioning and improve the condition.The need for invasive procedures can be reduced with a natural approach.

  • The ayurvedic methods take time to function because they address the root of the ailment and serve to boost the body's immunity. Herbs may be the answer to complex ailments such as psoriasis therapy, eczema treatment, psoriatic arthritis treatment, and all others.

  • Yes, Ayurvedic treatment can keep skin psoriasis from worsening. Ayurvedic herbs aid in the healing of skin cells and the prevention of further harm.The herbs employed have a disease-fighting effect.

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